Imagine being able to be close to some of the most beautiful scenery in Idaho! Camping along a  peaceful brook or lake, the soothing sounds of the outdoors will help you put aside daily worries. That’s what you will be a part of when you venture into the area around Challis, Idaho for your camping adventure. There are scenic public and private locations for everyone to take advantage of camping opportunities. If you have an RV, there are sites along the highway in Challis, at the local hot springs and at the golf course where you can have a base camp to explore. 

If you are a tent camper, there are never ending areas around Custer County’s many lakes, streams and reservoirs to pitch your tent and enjoy the endless amount of outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting and hiking. The campsites range from primitive with little to no amenities to fully development sites and cabins with all the comforts of home!  The friendly folks at Challis’ local businesses will answer any questions, and be able to recommend the best location and supplies for your camping experience. Come to Challis and find out why this area is such a popular, one of a kind experience.