Challis Hot Springs RV & Campground

The Challis Hot Springs is now part of the the Land of the Yankee Fork State Park.  Located the banks of the Salmon River, our primary amenity is natural odorless hot springs which constantly replenish with continuous freshwater supplied by nature through the river rock bottoms. Most guests enjoy the springs while camping in the RV and tent campground which features mature trees, and irrigated grass sites all within a stone’s throw of the Salmon River, which fronts the entire property.


Address: 5025 Hot Springs Road, Challis, Idaho 83326
Phone: 208-879-7442
The RV park itself is good, but not the best part of the stay here. The hot tubs are good, but not the best part of the stay here. In the evening, after you have enjoyed the tubs, and the sun is setting…take a slow drive on the backroads near the park. The quiet, the wildlife, birds and pastoral beauty of the area…is the best part of the stay here. Great spot. We would go back tomorrow.
Steve C - Scottsdale, AZ

This place really deserves a 10. They are amazing. Beautiful shade trees for the campers. Lovely river running through. Mike takes such good care of the grounds. The hot springs are included in camping. The bathrooms though older are meticulous like everything else. They do expect visitors to keep the same standards of care so be neat and clean up after yourself and take care of the grass, trees, and pets. We loved this place.
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Cleanest hot springs I’ve been to! It’s peaceful and beautiful here. It’s about the same price as other RV/camping places BUT you also get a hot spring, green grass, trees, and a river.
Mazy Braden